União das Freguesias de Viade de Baixo e Fervidelas



The parish of Santa Maria de Viade prides itself of its glorious past which left notorious traces, sometimes of difficult study due to the total absence of documents. We refer to the beautiful solar clock of the Queridos in which protrudes an impressive stone blazon, of the Barrosos and Mouras, and the extinct chapel of Santa Rita. The difficulty of removing the obscure dust of time of a true history of these and other monuments leads to propagation of the Rosary legend which is told.

The Regavão valley, bordering the parish from the south and east, gives way to the “via prima” marked by a giant milestone that then turned into the Leiranque cross. Not far from this location was a stomp – now toponym of the dam and above the very old Vila de Mel, probably the first “statio” (São Vicente da Chã would be the second) between the cities of “Praesidium” and “Caladunum” – “mansiones” of the imperial route. The necropolis, whose open tombs on soft and arenaceous granitoid can still be seen crumbling with wind and water erosion. Urge to help them. Of more recent eras, we have immense news that could result in bulky volumes.



Around the altar where they worship the Saint that was a pilgrim of stick, hat and calabash, Fervidelas is lodged behind the Oural and sheltered of the chilly Castilian wind. Together with Cambeses, it’s the highest parish of the whole of the inter-fluvial mountain.

Even though it became independent many centuries ago, it remained attached to its neighboring Santa Maria de Viade because it was so small in territory and population. It is well worth travelling its mountain paths and admire the waterfall and the “castle” of perched rocks as well as Monte Oural that brings with him the name as the rich landscapes that are glimpsed from there.


Area: 48.3 km2
Population Density: 17.4 hab/km2
Present Population: 750
Patrons: Santa Maria(Viade de Baixo) e São Tiago(Fervidelas)

Albufeira de Pisões, Solar dos Queridos, Marco Miliário, Igreja (Viade de Baixo)

Cascata e castelo(Fervidelas).

Parish Villages: (12) Antigo, Brandim, Friães, Parafita, Pisões, Telhado, Viade de Baixo e Viade de Cima, Lama da Missa, Castelo, Fervidelas e Lamas.
União de Freguesias de Viade de Baixo e Fervidelas
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