Barroso is distinguished for its rich patrimony and a differentiating collective imagination. The need to safeguard these unique elements led the municipalities of Montalegre and Boticas to outline a project able to take responsibility for a development strategy. Thus was born the Ecomuseu de Barroso, aggregator and recognized enhancer of identity, territorial museum in constant relationship with the local population and the bearer of collective memory.

Situated in the barroso plateau, the region and its people were capable of preserving unique rituals, unpaired product for their quality and authenticity associated with a unique know how to receive. These characteristics are assumed as an asset in promoting tourism, fruit of the tenacity of strong people, now with recognition across borders.

"Touching" the origin becomes easier through this portal capable of appealing to the senses intuitively. Everyone is invited to let themselves go on a journey to the compendium of barroso’s essence and get to know this "piece of land", which occupies a third of the only national park in the country: the Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês (PNPG).

With the noble mission of transporting relics, it is presented as a faithful guardian of "moments" that identify the People and a Territory. From here departs the discovery of the best that the "marvelous kingdom" has to offer. The adventure and exceptional sensory experiences are presented as mandatory in a journey that embraces traditions, culture, villages and people, true agents of local development.