União das Freguesias Vilar de Perdizes e Meixide



Together with Salto and Tourém, Vilar de Perdizes is one of the most cosmopolitan parishes of the county, excluding Montalegre. Another testified “barrosã” zone inhabited since ancient times, as was proven in the inventory summary of its monuments: the pre-historic registrations of Caparinhos (controversial reading of rock carvings); the sacrificial altar of Pena Escrita; two roman altar marks (ara) used for offerings found during the opening of the road Meixide and Chaves, one dedicated to the God of Gods Júpiter, and the other dedicated to the local God Larouco; and the great inscription of the Penedo de Remeseiros whose interpretation cannot reach a consensus. Such archeological wealth and diversity is not usual in small places.

But the wealth remains in what we know about its church of São Miguel and the Solar Clock that was birth to sons of something, and together flourished the Hospital and Chapel of Santa Cruz, destined to provide physical and spiritual support to the pilgrims of Santiago de Compostela and the Cristo de Ourense that passed through, coming from the sides of Chaves Alto Douro, Beiras and Castela. From this parish detached the two neighbors of Solveira (Santa Eufémia) and Santo André. These belonged to Couto de Ervededo for a few years, until their extinction.

Modern Vilar de Perdizes is in fashion in the televised news, patronizing the socio-cultural event (Congress of Popular / Traditional Medicine). It is funny how some, so called intellectuals, criticize the saying as if we were still in the sixth century, of the São Martinho de Dume, fighting pagans and the heresies of the Manichean and Arians…. We refuse to be branded as pagans and heresies for wanting to achieve, while there is time, knowledge (in the fields of pharmacology, of medicine and of traditions) of our grandparents! We hope the people of Vilar continue to indulge the herbs used to make “mezinhas” (traditional herbal medicine), infusions and teas, which quell the body pains and dulcifies our spiritual pain! The archeological roadmaps and of contraband, that by foot and on donkeys will allow visits to locations that better protect the identity of Vilar de Perdizes.       



A small parish, East of the county, with approximately nine hundred meters of altitude, dominates the dry hills that confines with Galicia in the slope south of Larouco. In inexorable agony but still an old jewel: the chapel of Nossa Senhora da Azinheirinha that was one of the seven Saints of the “Barrosão” plateau.

Until one day when all the history step is clarified, Meixide continues to enjoy the fame of being the birthplace of the hero Diogo Peres (of the “Escaramuça dos Nus”)… the one that melting in the Moroccan desert, refreshed himself in the river stream with a few more knights. Surprised by a section of the Moorish army, pick up their swords and buckler, mount their horses completely naked but well dressed of indomitable courage, putting the Moorish cavalry on the run. A clean feat carried in a “barrosã” fashion.


Area:  37.1 km2
Population Density: 14.3 hab/km2
Present Population: 532
Patrons: S. Miguel (Vilar de Perdizes) e Santa Maria (Meixide).


Paço, Gravuras Rupestres – Penedo de Caparinhos, Altar de Penascrita, Capela da Senhora das Neves, Penedo de Rameseiros (Vilar de Perdizes);

Capela de N. Sra. da Azinheira (Meixide).
Parish villages: (2) Vilar de Perdizes e Meixide.
União de Freguesias de Vilar de Perdizes e Meixide
Rua dos Carrins, 64
Bairro do Sameiro
5470-461 Vilar de Perdizes - Montalegre
Telephone:  968 548 349