União das Freguesias de Cambeses, Donões e Mourilhe



Cambeses is one of the few villages exposed to the north cutting cold. Moreover, according to the letter from the Instituto Geográfico e Cadastral, of 1/50.000, is cut into half by the level curve of the 1000 meters of altitude, situation to which few villages raise. Therefore, it tops the parishes said to be “do Rio”. It can be said that this parish maintains a very high level of rusticity and type appropriate for medieval films that even the patron fits with huge properties. Indeed, this martyr of the Cappadocia has ancient cult in the Iberian Peninsula. The being “lawyer of mothers” that breastfed the children is owed to the fact that his mother (Santa Rufina) had given birth while she and her husband were in prison, during the pursuit of the ferocious and Aureliano Emperor, during the third quarter of the Second Century.



In Donões, the church of São Pedro, the “castro”, the mills, the chapels of Senhora da Peneda and Santo Amaro where the resistance of half a dozen of fixed anthropomorphic graves stand out as they preserve with affection and devotion magnificent examples of skilled artists, their greatful sons, the three Pintos of Donões.



The arsonists that still resist here give this martyr village as example. On the 4th of April of 1854, the village was reduced to ashes, including the church. Reconstructed by public subscription, in lands of Minho and Trás-os-Montes, was again demolished by flames on July 4th of 1875, this time, just saving four houses and the church! The Aquilégio Medicinal gave news of the medicinal effects of the church´s fountain that had been blessed “(consecrated) by São Braz” and produce miraculous cures for throat diseases. It was not concluded how the Bishop Arménio São Braz had arrived three hundred years after Christ, since he was martyred, in 316. In memory of his martyrdom, the carders and weavers chose him as their patron and lawyer of sick throats. It is said, when a child chokes: “São Bráz te desafogue, Já que Deus não pode!”

In past times, Mourilhe was Commendation of Christ and raised rents in half the village of São Pedro, parish of Contim.


Area: 45.6 km2
Population Density: 6.74 hab/km2
Present Popoulation: 307
Patrons: S. Mamede (Cambeses), S. Pedro (Donões), São Tiago (Mourilhe).

Casa de colmo (Cambeses);

Castros do Picoto e da Cividade e Altar da Moura (Frades);

Castro, Cruzeiro, Santo Amaro, Senhora da Peneda (Donões);

Casa do Outão - agora Hotel Rural (Mourilhe);

Alminhas com Relógio de Sol (Sabuzedo).

Parish villages: (5) Cambeses, Frades, Donões, Mourilhe, Sabuzedo.

União de Freguesias de Cambeses do Rio, Donões e Mourilhe
Rua do Fundo de Vila, n.º 4
5470-041 Cambeses do Rio - Montalegre

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