Solveira is the most recent parish in the county of Montalegre and won their independence thanks to Vilar, like Santo André. Its toponym is very old: comes of the etymon sorbu + aria – sorbaria, plant similar to the boxwood utilized joinery tasks. As such, it is evident that this parish´s territory was inhabited many centuries ago.

Moreover, the surrounding toponymy certifies it. First, the site of Antas that takes us back to pre-history; then the actual settlement of the Outeiro village – altarium; then the castro of Soutelo, the Cidadonha and finally Paio Mantela, location traditionally considered inhabited. When Solveira became part of the honor of Vilar de Perdizes, it was required to send men to guard the Castelo da Piconha, at least until the reign of D. João I, but there are people that think this obligation lasted until the Restoration.

Between 1841 and 1853, it belonged to the Ervededo county that was created by D. Afonso Henriques for his friend Archbishop D. Paio Mendes, in 1132, as he had done to the Couto de Dornelas.




Area: 12.3 km2
Population Density: 12.6 hab/km2
Present Population: 155
Patron: Santa Eufémia




Traces of Medieval Villages.

Parish Villages: (1) Solveira
Junta de Freguesia de Solveira
5470-480 Solveira - Montalegre

Telephone:  962 947 835