Santo André




Santo André, like Solveira, was dismembered from the denominated subzone of Vilar de Perdizes to which they belonged. When they got their autonomy, they chose the patrons they already admired and invoked. Until a few years ago, they still identified themselves in this way: Vilar de Perdizes (Santo André) and Vilar de Perdizes (São Miguel).

It’s a very fertile land, with some fruit. We think we will give the people of Santo André important news. Indeed, king D. José commended a certificate to the petition realized in 9/11/1733, coat of arms of nobility to “Mateus Francisco Padrão, professed knight of the Order of Christ, commander of grenadiers in the first battalion of Regimento de Guarnição da Praça de Elvas, where he resides, saying that he, supplicant, is lawful son of António Francisco and his wife Jerónima da Encarnação. Grandson, on the paternal side of Afonso Francisco de Sirgo, natural of honor and adjudicate of Santo André, parish of S. Miguel o Anjo do lugar de Perdizes, and his wife Inês Padroa, daughter of Diogo Padrão natural of the same honor. On the maternal side, grandson of Alexandre Gonçalves and of his first wife Maria Vaz, natural of the honor of Gralhas where he was alderman and judge, all in the county of Chaves and he natural supplicant of the city of Lisbon.  

His parents, grandparents and ancestors that were all noble, known and respected… all without infamous characteristic of jews or moors, or any other blood line that could place a stain in their knighthood, nor was there fame or rumor in contrary… “The justification sentence was given on 9/6/1756. And the decision:”… I searched the books of records of the arms of the nobility and knighthood of this kingdom that, in my power, and found those that belong to the standard noble and old line in the form that I give to you the illuminated with the same figures, colours and metals in this letter according to the rules of the noble craft of armory. 

Namely: “A shield with the Arms of Patterns that comes in blue fields a Pattern or column of silver raised over a mountain of its colour and over the column a shield of the same metal loaded with the Cruz da Ordem de Cristo between two golden stars. Open silver helmet, mounted with gold. Ornamental foliage of metals and colours of the Arms and in contrast a silver brica (Space in the coat of arms) with a red strip… Lisbon, on the ninth day, of May, on the year of 1760 of N. S.  J. Cristo”. The various that understood the heraldry asserted that “this family has the same weapons as the Cãos, therefore presumed to be descendents of Diogo Cão to whom they were given.” Braancamp Freire states: “The weapons of the Cão surname”!




Area: 19 km2
Population Density: 11.2 hab/km2
Present Population: 212
Patron: Santo André



Capela ;

A Cidade de Grou.

Parish villages: (1) Santo André.
Junta de Freguesia de Santo André
Rua do Outeiro, N.º 42
5470-450 Santo André - Montalegre

Telephone:  961 186 067