The parish of Salto is the biggest both in terms of area and population. As an inhabited and evangelized space, Salto is cited in the Paroquial Suévico as one of the thirty parishes already existent in the last third of the sixth century and belonging to the Braga cathedral. Throughout life, it had many glorious moments, hence this parishes´ rich history.

While the north European crusaders crossed the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, to fight in the holy places, the Portuguese people walked barefoot the pilgrimage paths that crossed the parish. Such that, D. Afonso Henriques supported and authorized friar Benedito the construction of the Albergaria de São Bento das Gavinheiras, in 1136. Some noblemen looked with lust upon this territory where they acquired villages such as Carvalho, Póvoa and Revoreda that belonged to Higalgo D. João Soares Coelho and his sisters. D. Pedro I, the one that ripped Pero Coelho´s heart from his chest (great-grandson of the referred João Soares Coelho) and through the back Álvaro Gonçalves´ for having killed Inês de Castro, also lusted Salto. That is why, after a visit to Santa Senhorinha de Basto, to whom he was devoted, gave Her satiate proceeds from the Igreja de Santa Maria
de Salto.

The parish´ present territory with an area of 78.6 square kilometers, was also occupied by the parish of Novaiças that was constituted by various houses and homesteads in different villages now vanished: Pontido, Curros de Mouro, Ulveira, Gulpilheiras, etc. The great monasteries of the north Refojos, Pombeiro e Bouro – all raised great revenues. This parish´history had enough material for ten books of these. Here you can visit the Casa do Capitão, now headquarters to the Ecomuseu de Barroso, where you can find a presentation of the traditional tasks, of the Pisão de Tabuadela and the Minas do Volframio da Borralha.


Area: 78.6 km2
Population Density: 18.1 hab/km2
Present Population: 1424
Patron: Nossa Senhora do Pranto

Casa da Fonte (Corva);

Sepulturas Antrmpomórficas (Seara) Igreja Velha e Arcas Tumulares (Salto);

Monte da Maçã;

Casas Diversas.

Parish Villages: (20) Ameal, Amiar, Bagulhão, Beçós, Minas da Borralha, Caniçó, Carvalho, Cerdeira, Corva, Linharelhos, Lodeiro d’Arque, Paredes , Pereira, Pomar de Rainha, Póvoa, Reboreda, Salto, Seara e Tabuadela.
Junta de Freguesia de Salto
Rua Central, n.º 77 1º D
5470-430 Salto - Montalegre
Telephone:  253 659 318
Email:  [email protected]

Headquarters of Salto:

Casa do Capitão

Polo Mineiro da Borralha