Outeiro is the third parish of Barroso in territorial extension, counting only with four villages.   

Many parishes border with the parish of Outeiro, such as Mourela, Covelães, Paredes, Pitões, Tourém, e Randim (Galicia). Initially, the parish was named Parada do Gerês, after São Tomé de Parada, followed by Parada de Outeiro, and finally Outeiro, always under the same patron – that was and still is São Tomé. Worthy of mentioning is the find of the Torques (pre-historical golden jewels) found while opening the road between Outeiro and Paradela do Rio.

It is a treasure of inestimable value – one of many that drag the more cult tourists away from our lands, thus leading us to desertification! Think about this! We were never worthy of preserving what is ours!






Area: 52.4 Km2
Population Density: 2.9 hab/km2
Present Population: 150
Patron: São Tomé

Castro (Outeiro);

Wolf Trap (Parada)

Parish Villages: (4) Cela, Outeiro, Parada e Sirvoselo
Junta de Freguesia de Outeiro
5470 Outeiro - Montalegre

Telephone:  276 565 053

Email: [email protected]