The scope of intervention of the Ecomuseu de Barroso covers the majority of purposes attributed to most conventional museums. With full awareness of the need to comply with this set of tasks, it intends to take as its main element an integrated and sustainable development strategy of the “barrosão” territory.


The Ecomuseu de Barroso began activity when it started working with local institutions and the people. Without being confined to a building or group of buildings, or the visiting hours, it can be said you enter the Ecomuseu de Barroso when, coming from other territories, transposes any of the roads that bring us to Barroso.

 In this sense, the Ecomuseu de Barroso intends to:

  • Inventory and heritage preservation;
  • Appreciation and disclosure of resources;
  • Identity representation;
  • Training, participation and citizenship;
  • Coordination and cooperation;
  • Innovation and mobilizing people for new activities;
  • Claim the territory as a tourist destination;
  • Brand creation "Terras de Barroso";
  • Support regional products and their marketing.


The Ecomuseu de Barroso composes the functions of documentation, research and interpretation of natural and cultural values of the “barrosão” territory and thus, contributing to reinforce the cultural identity of the community, revitalizing its relationship with the geographical space – “espaço humanizado”.