Morgade, as well as Negrões, spent many years attached to the parish of Chã: the three constituted the Comenda do Convento of Santa Clara de Vila do Conde. The fortification of the primitive rules and the reform against the laxity in which the friars had fallen, that took place, throughout the sixteenth century, originated a great movement of support of the populations, in the spiritual material plan, that took them to build monasteries and chapels.

From these comes the devotion of the Morgade people to São Domingos de Gusmão, revealed in the building of His chapel and the Vila da Ponte people that honor Him in the altar of their church. It was the communion of these barroso people with principles of voluntary poverty of the preacher monks, also known as mendicant, the Dominicans friars (and the Franciscans) who’s most significant glory was São Tomás de Aquino. And still on the subject of Saints, it was not bad, but also an act of justice, that the Carvalhais would return São Tiago to His first chapel, as is so well expressed by our barroso variant of the beautiful story of the Sete Varões Apostólicos (Seven Apostolic Men).   






Area: 21.2 km2
Population Density: 10.8 hab/km2
Present Population: 230
Patron: São Pedro
Attractions: Capela de São Domingos(Morgade) e Casas (Carvalhais).
Parish Villages: (4) Carvalhais, Criande, Morgade e Rebordelo.
Junta de Freguesia de Morgade
Morgade, CP 35
5470-302 Morgade - Montalegre

Telephone:  276 418 136

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