In those times of D. Dinis, Gralhas was elevated to the category of town after the concession of respective "charter".

It is likely that from here derived the very famous and not less ignored, Gralhas – local noblemen that did not make history (because, between us, was always residual the story far from the throne), but passed to myth.

We want to believe, that in the south limit of the Larouco was born a stirred and ramshackle passion of Fernão Gralho and Maria Mantela, daughter of Paio Mantela - anthro toponym of a village near Solveira. Every squire with pride then had a farm near the Ribeira. It is not surprising, that the young couple went and lived in the noble city (town in those days) of Chaves; even if, at a given time, they had children! The renowned children of Maria Mantela!... And the rest of the story is for another occasion…

In Gralhas was born the first seminary of the diocese of Vila Real. An ex-student of the latter wrote to another a long letter full of nostalgia and memories, from Rio de Janeiro:

Here in Rio de Janeiro, Always in my memory, Happy land of money, our days as children, So spoken in Portuguese; And the dear times in Gralhas;


Area: 20.8 km2
Population Density: 10.9 hab/km2
Present Population: 227
Patron: Santa Maria da Assunção
Igreja matriz, Capela de Santa Rufina, edifícios da antiga Casa do Povo, da Escola Primária e da Residência Paroquial, Fonte Fria, Fonte do Bárrio, forno do povo, moinhos de água, diversos cruzeiros seculares, Casa do Seminário, A Ciada e Castelo do Romão
Parish Village : (1) Gralhas
Junta de Freguesia de Gralhas
Rua Central, n.º 104
5470-160 Gralhas - Montalegre

Telephone:  937 267 709

Email:  [email protected]