This parish changed its name various times: at first it was Santa Marinha de Covêlo do Gerês, as opposed to São Pedro de Covêlo do Gerês; after known just as Santa Marinha, later changed to Santa Marinha de Ferral, and today, just Ferral. However, it is of the local tradition that existed in this same term that the parish of São João da Misarela, of which we have no written document! In reality, traces were never found of such a construction, or any reference to its location.

Despite the eight villages that comprise the parish, their isolation until the eighteenth century was so pronounced that it became extremely conducive to the creation and sedimentation of legends that is the paradigm of the Misarela. As in neighboring Cabril, before the dams, rivers were difficult barriers to overcome, even during the summer…

Therefore, the parish began to expand and adjoining villages in the area between Cávado e Rabagão: Vila da Ponte and Bustelo (adjoining parish until the nineteenth century) and Contim and São Pedro, also adjoining parish. Evident remain of this old pageantry is the rich carving in the Igreja de Santa Marinha.



Area: 15.3 km2
population Density: 25.3 hab/km2
Present Population: 387
Patron: Santa Marinha
Igreja, Ponte da Misarela, Penedo dos Sinais (Pardieiros) e Central de Vila Nova.
Parish Villages: (8) Nogueiró, Ferral, Pardieiros, Sacozelo, Santa Marinha, Cidrós, Vila Nova e Viveiro.

Junta de Freguesia de Ferral
Rua Estrada Municipal nº 6
5470-122 Ferral

Telephone:  969 513 434

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