Ecomuseu de Barroso - Aldeia Ecomuseu

The Ecomuseu of the Paredes do Rio village offers a visit to the past, through the route of the artisans, which in their homes, show their workplaces and knowledge often already forgotten. This village of the Parque Nacional Peneda-Gerês (PNPG) has undertaken a strategy of restoring community heritage so that all buildings devoted to agricultural storage and processing continue to operate and become a motive for tourist attraction.

In this way, higher youth retention is achieved and there viability of investments in the accommodation and catering area is greater. The "ex-libris" is a hydraulic device, over two hundred years old that aggregates the functions of the mill, dynamo, sawing and stomping, function almost extinct. From here, run guided tours through the roads of the village, to see and photograph the people´s furnace (forno do povo), dozens of threshing-floors, “canastros” and seven mills in operation, housed in a magnificent setting.

The population has a huge pleasure to welcome visitors and share their knowledge. This development is reflected in the annual organization of dozens of community agricultural activities, as exemplified by the mowed and mottled rye, Shrovetide, the singing of kings, the pig slaughter, among many others, in which the community gatherings shows great complicity and determination to preserve an intangible heritage with an incalculable value.

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