Cervos is the most Eastern village in the county, crossed from end to end by the Roman Imperial Via, the first or Prima. In its rim appeared three milestones, the first of which in 1813, in the main street of Arcos, near Senhora do Campo, and that contributed immensely to locate, in situ, the true and only route of the cited via.

Through the road landmarks and “Moimentos” we also got to know the true location of ancient pre-Roman city of CALADUNUM which should be located at the end of this parish. Antigo (de Arcos), Vilarinho de Arcos e Arcos – without the need for arc in river that it does not possess – carries in its own name the indication that there would be the old opidum. The Senhora de Galegos with her legend, the castro and the passage of the Roman road, in Cortiço, over  Beça, deserve an attentive look. The legend is also worthy of mention.


Area: 32 km2

Population density: 8.3 inhab/km2

Present population: 268

Patron: Santa Cristina


Ponte, Castro, N. Senhora de Galegos e Sepulturas Líticas (Cortiço);

Via Romana e Fonte (Arcos);

Largo e Residência Paroquial de Cervos.


Parish Villages: (7)  Arcos, Barracão, Cervos, Cortiço, Alto Fontão, Vidoeiro e Vilarinho de Arcos.


Junta de Freguesia de Cervos
Praça Moura, n.º 4
5470-052 Barracão – Montalegre

Telephone: 967 476 732  

Email:  [email protected]